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Which foot is most recommended by Handi Quilter educators? Handi Feet Glide Foot 2


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  • Barbara Torres

    I loved my Glide foot.  I say loved because it broke less than 6 months after I got it.  Six out of 7 reviews left on the HQ Shop section say the Glide foot broke for them also.  This sounds like a design flaw.  It wouldn't cost HQ very much to replace these and make a lot of quilters happy and feel like HQ cares and wants to support their customers.  I certainly don't feel like paying $49.95 again for a tiny chunk of plastic that probably costs less than $5 per unit including the mold, R&D and shipping from the factory.

    Dear HandiQuilter,  Could we please have one that won't break at a price that is affordable?


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