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Shorten Studio 2 Frame


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    Aimee Losee

    Hi Cindy,

    You can shorten your frame to 8 or 10 feet.  You can take one of the 4 feet sections out and just have it set up to 8 feet.  Or if you want the 10 feet, we have the 2 ft section available at Handi Quilter for purchase.  This will include the 10 leaders and poles for the 2 ft section.  Make sure you don't cut your Blue Flexirack when you are taking apart your frame.  It is put on your table with double sided sticky tape.  Just peel it off.  You can then cut it down to the size of your frame when you put your frame back together.  You will also need to cut your black track down to the size of your frame once you put it back together.  

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