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New Moxie



  • KDowdrick

    Hi Linda

    The A 21 code with the lighting bolt is a over curent error (meaning the machine either hit a obstruction or the needle required more curent than expected). There are many reason (or conditions) that could cause the error mesage. I would recomend that the next time you encounter this error, call in to Handi Quilter Technical Solutions and we can trouble shoot with you over the phone.

    Handi Quilter Technical Solutions

    1-877-697-8458 option 2

    Monday - Friday

    8am to 5pm (Mountain Time)

  • Linda Ruble

    Thank you.  I have done that.  The person who helped me felt there may be a problem with two internal components related to timing.  My dealer's service person checked that and said it was not the problem.  

    There was no mention by anyone of other owners reporting the same repetitive problem, though.  I only discovered that through my own research and contact with other owners.  As I noted, it seems that this machine does not have the requisite power to handle normal seams in quilting cotton, especially when stopping and starting.  I have also now heard from the dealer that the Moxie has a less powerful motor than many other machines, because it is an entry-level machine.   I don't know about that, but entry-level normally means a basic machine, with no bells and whistles.  Entry-level should not mean it cannot perform basic quilting functions.  

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