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Problem with the Avanté



  • shawn stolle

    I have had the same problem too since I've had my machine. I've had my Advante for almost 5 years and we payed to have it set up the first time. My husband is a carpenter and we have taken the frame apart put it back together three times. We moved back to Missouri and it sets on concrete now and still does it. I have it marked so when I get to where it's going to jerk I prepare myself to hang tight to keep my stitch as straight as possible. I love my advante but always being scared of those two spots is a bummer.

  • I would look at the rails in that area. If you have a solid 12' rail and not spliced then, I am not sure.

  • Lynetta Rajkovich

    Does the machine do the same thing no matter where it is front to back? Or is it only at the front or back of the table?  Would be great to know if the rails are one piece or sectioned as well.  From your picture it looks like the rail is pieced in-between the 2 marks.  I highly recommend watching this video for tips on making sure your table it flat and smooth between the pieces of table top.


  • Patricia Hegel

    We had that problem as well in the beginning.  Notice the table joints just below where your marks are in the pics.  You need to level those areas of the table.  place a level along the front edge of the table just behind the blue track, loosen the bolts, adjust the table so that both sides of the table are level as shown on your level tool, tighten the bolts again.  Do the same along the back of the table at both joints.  Note:  Loosen the front and back bolts before adjusting the table and only tighten the bolts after the front and the back are both level.


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