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pro stitcher will not stitch



  • robingardner

    I'm having a similar problem this evening.  My design is set, the machine actually does stitch part of it, and then stops stitching but continues to move along the design as shown on the screen.  Weird.  I am working on a test, so I went ahead and cleared it all and set up a new design, and the same thing happened again.  Just very strange.

  • etxk150

    My wife is having the same issues. I contacted ProStitcher about this. So far no response.

  • Jodie Seila

    When I have a problem and cant get information quickly from this site, Call Technical support at Handiquilter. 

    The number is 8012927988  They are so helpful and patient.  I have never had a question that wasnt answered.  Just remember, they are on mountain time.  You can also go to and they have videos done by the educators for Handiquilter for many problems.  Hope this helps.   



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