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prostitcher premium on Amara jerking while quilting



  • Mick

    It's frustrating, I totally understand. By "jerking" do you mean it's skipping stitches and tearing at the quilt? If so, I found that in the back, middle (picture attached) is a cable that comes loose very easily. Make sure fits snuggly. I actually realized that my brand new machine's plug was bent, and by simply switching top and bottom it worked better.


    Best of luck.


  • D Sheriff

    Thank you so much, Mick!  You just saved me weeks and weeks of heartache and lost time!  After 4 years of waiting, my ProStitcher arrived last week.  I had a simple project on the frame and the stitching was inconsistent.  What threw me when troubleshooting was my Amara started doing the same thing.  I had resigned myself to taking it into the dealer tomorrow and having to wait through the 6 week repair backlog :(  I saw your post and thought maybe?  And you were right!  the connector wasn't seated properly!

    Thank again for taking the time to post and help others.  


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