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Ruler Club 8 for borders



  • whitneyk
    Handi Quilter
    Great answers


    For the sample strip quilt, I used borders between 2.5" and 5". I actually would have like larger ones so that I could have done some other designs. The smallest design is the cable which stitches out at 2". The other rulers can be any size depending on how you decide to use it. The wider width of the diamond ruler measure 6.5". 

    I put together whatever size strips I had available and made myself get creative with how I used the rulers! 

    Best regards,

    Kristina Whitney

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator.

  • Vicki Watkins

    Thank you!  Sometimes it gets a bit tricky working in the framed 16" HQ  (fluffy batts).  We will need to put some thought into border sizes for the quilts we make so we can play with the rulers. Now, I can preplan.


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