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Tension problems with new Amara with Prostitch



  • Official comment

    Dear Christine, 

    Setting your tension begins with setting your bobbin tension first and then set your top tension. Here is a great video that walks you through that process: 

  • Christine Dicob

    Thank you, but I've been quilting on an Avante for almost 8 years and have never had tension problems.  On this Amara I set and check the tension before I begin, but every so often the tension changes for an inch or two.  In other words, it will look good, then act like the upper thread has tightened or loosened out of the blue. I've changed bobbin case and needle.  Any other ideas?

  • ashtonK

    I would recommend contacting the retailer you purchased your machine through. They should be able to help you resolve the issue. If you are still having problems or they are not able to help you, you can contact Technical Solutions at 877-697-8458, Monday through Friday, 8-5 mountain time. 

  • sharp8318

    I'm having the same problem.  I've had my Amara for about 9 months now and almost every quilt has areas on the back where the tension went whacky for a few inches, then back to normal. It's really keeping me from wanting to use the machine, it's so frustrating.  What's  worse is that often I don't discover it until I've taken the quilt off the machine.


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