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UPS vs. Surge protector


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    Thanks for your thoughtful post here. I spoke with our Director of Quality Assurance and this is what he had to say: 

    Most UPS devices work fine for our machines as long as they are rated to handle the load of the machine. A lot of the information above might relate to machines with AC motors, but does not really apply to our machines with DC brushless motors and switching power supplies.

    The most important thing to protect from lightning strikes is and always has been to unplug when not in use. Beyond that, use a good surge protector rated to handle the power of the machine you are using.

    If you want a UPC, most UPC devices do have surge protection built in already, so there is usually no need to use BOTH a UPC and a separate surge protector. There is no need to put a separate UPC on the Pro-Stitcher computer because the PS computer has its own battery.  

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