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  • Carmen Contreras-Sesvold

    OK, First let me acknowledge that this "is so frustrating!!!!!!!"

    I can hear it 20 days later in MD!  

    But you need to be more specific to get better advice.

    Please include what type of machine, age of machine and does it have prostitcher?


    So from ignorance of the above....

    Is it in the down position every time you stop stitching (1)?

    Or, is it that you are stitching along and the needle ceases in the down position and you have to wrestle it out of the fabric? (the machine head will create a lot of noise if this were to happen (2)

    if its #1 check you console to see if you have selected the position of the needle to be in the down position.

    If its #2 turn off you machine and call you HQ repair tech ASAP. Continuing to use it could be detrimental to the machine.

    Respectfully, Carmen  @ Sesvold



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