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Boat Anchor



  • Kashton

    Please call us and see if we can help you 1-877-697-8458  


  • Donna Cochran

    I am so with you regarding making your machine into an anchor.  I have a HQ Sixteen.  When I have called for service assistance once I was told by the technician that I should upgrade and buy a current model. Again, just yesterday, I was told that this machine was hard to offer technical assistance.

    The truth behind the sale is that HandiQuilter sold this machine with all it’s flaws and learned ways to make the product better on the backs of folks like us who trusted that we were buying an exceptional product. They have moved on to better product and I for one still struggle with a very expensive troublesome purchase.  Well time has shown the true colors of the inadequacies in support, technical assistance, and non durable product.  HandiQuilter will probably not post my comments for sure.  Or post to call their tech support number.  Either way I’m stuck with a lemon and no recourse. I can not in good conscience sell this machine to someone else nor will be accepted as a trade-in at a dealer. Hmm, that says a lot,no? 

    The only true platform I have to speak regarding the failure of HandiQuilter is when I teach at retreats, while teaching at quilt meetings, individuals I quilt for or to folks who ask what longarm machine I recommend. I give an honest account from the experience I have had with HandiQuilter.  

  • sw

    I went and talked to the dealer and got a couple of tips on things to check.  One tip was a work-around where you only thread through two of the holes on the first place after the thread comes off the spool instead of all 3.  I had just bought the thread I was going to use on my project last week, and she pulled a fresh spool off the rack and tested it to make sure it wasn't the thread.  She reassured me I had right right needle size.  I finally got the tension on both top and bottom balanced enough to use it last night, but not before I had to spend another 2 hours fiddling with both the bobbin and top tension and bursting into tears a couple of times.  The owners manual is truly a joke.  Like you, I will not in good conscience sell this machine to someone else, but I am going to junk this machine and buy another brand.  I will look at APQS and at Gammill.  I find it truly ironic that I will probably have to pay to have it hauled to the landfill, unless I can donate it to someone to use as a boat anchor.  Mine is (was) also an HQ Sixteen.  Thanks for taking the time to write and make me feel better.  I hope we take the same class together one of these days!



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