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Minimum depth needed for Simply and Amara on Studio2 when not in use?



  • Maria Hills

    I have an Amara on a Studio 2 frame and I have the left end about 3-4 inches from the cutting table.  The right end is about 4 ft from the a window.  This enables me to be able to walk around the frame and turn of the Amara off and unplug the cord from the wall.  I have cranks on the right end that I use to advance the quilt.

    Hope this helps



  • Michelle Cook

    Thanks Maria, but that's not quite the info I was looking for.  I need to know how much room depth the setup takes from belly bar to back of carriage when not in use, not how much space I need to use the machine.


    Fortunately, however, I found a dealer who could take some measurements for me and I realized I can take the front bars off fairly easily when not in use, so it won't take up anywhere near as much space as other options.




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