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Squiggly bobbin thread Aurifil 50 wt



  • whitneyk
    Handi Quilter
    Great answers


    Can you describe squiggly a little more. I am not exactly sure what you mean.  On my bobbin winder, I do not adjust the tension much between the different thread weights. You can adjust the tension but there are no numbers or marks to show you where you started from. 

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    Kristina Whitney

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • Karen Timmons

    I tried to send a picture but there was no way to attach one. I think what I figured out is that the preset tension was a little too tight for the aurifil 50 weight thread. I think the bobbin was wound too tight. As I pulled the thread out to do a tension test it's curly it doesn't stay straight. I have done a test with it and it does seem to be sewing okay. However, I don't know what the preset tension was on the bobbin Winder or how to get it back there. For most of the thread I use that was fine I never had to adjust it.


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