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  • JohnnyBarfuss

    Hi Stephanie, 

    I'm not sure what you are experiencing. You may want to give our Technical Solutions help line a call. 

    Call Us Today! 801.292.7988 or 1.877.697.8458.

    Best Regards, 

    Johnny Barfuss

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • Catherine Aitken

    Stephanie, did you find out why your Amara was noisy? Mine has a clunk and my retailer thinks it’s just the sound my machine makes. He will come up to check it but I’m looking for any ideas before he comes.

  • Stephanie Risinger

    I did.  I think I had the top too tight when I loaded it.  Also, the top had some batik fabric which was very tightly woven.  Since then, I'm more carful when loading that I'm not pulling everthing too tight.  Haven't had an issue since.  Would still be a good idea for the tech to check out your machine.  Also, be careful when you're winding the bobbins that they're not wound too tight - it causes the bobbin to become mis-shaped and then you can't get the bobbin thread to pull up at all.  Another lesson learned and didn't find out what the problem was till the tech came to check it out.

  • Catherine Aitken

    Thanks for such a quick reply. My problem, if it is such, isn't where yours was so tech coming up.


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