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Skipped stitches



  • Marta Draper

    Hi Meredith, I just experienced this same problem yesterday. My stitches were skipping when stitching horizontally. I called my retailer and she helped me troubleshoot. First check connections in the back of your machine to make sure they are connected. Mine were. Next check for thread and lint build up on the wheels under your carriage. I couldn’t believe the lint buildup I found! I’m a new quilter so I didn’t know, this should be checked and cleaned often. I cleaned all my wheels and rails real good with a Norwex cloth and my machine is stitching great again. I hope this helps you.

  • Meredith Johnson

    Hi Marta!

    Thank you for your suggestions.  I am pretty new to longarm quilting also.  I knew about cleaning out the lint, especially in your bobbin holder, and I am oiling after every other bobbin change.  There is so much to remember!  I finally discovered my problem (after several hours and many more grey hairs) was one of the encoder plug ins.  When I was looking up what it could be, it mentioned encoders, but I really didn't know what they were....but anyway, when I looked over my machine again, one of them had worked a little loose.

    I still have trouble getting the tension right..and sometimes I feel like I don't even know what right tension is!  May I ask what thread you use?  I use King Tut 99% of the time for both top and bottom.....but I was reading some people don't like King Tut at all or that they never use it in a bobbin...I think I have a lot to learn!

  • Marta Draper

    You are so welcome Meredith!

    You’re right, there is a ton to learn. I am loving it though.

    Tension: Mine still needs some tweaking I think. There is an infographic inside the package of the EZ-Wind Bobbins showing tension. I keep that insert close and reference it often. 

    Thread: Currently (while I’m learning) I am doing charity quilts for my Quilt Guild, so I am using whatever they provide me. This week, I’m using Innovatech Thread for top and also in the bobbin. I am really liking it. Last month, I was using Signature Cotton Thread and it was real linty. I didn’t care for that brand too much. I’ve also used Omni Thread and I really liked one also.

    What batting are you using? I’m using Winline 80/20 for the charity quilts. I like it but don’t have anything to compare it to yet. 


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