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Tablet is using battery power - why?



  • Diane Linker

    I had the same problem with my new machine. It turned out there was a missing cable that supplied power to the tablet from the machine. We spoke to someone in HQ technical support and they sent us the cable. It is called black box power cable from board under front cover to bottom of black box. Hope that helps.

  • Linda Clary

    Thank you Diane.  After contacting one of the HQ specialists I learned the tablet does shed its charge over time.  This machine is new to me but was previously loved by another quilter who said she had the same problem.  HQ replaced her tablet but the problem persisted.  I'm getting into the habit of plugging it into the tablet's power cord so it has a consistent charge while the rest of the HQ machine is not in use.  When using the magical quilting machine, I plug in the black cord fro the HQ machine to the tablet.  Seems to solve the issue - even tho it does seem to be an engineering issue... the at-hand solution is keep it plugged into power.


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