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Pro-stitcher stopping mid e2e and locking carriage



  • whitneyk
    Handi Quilter
    Great answers


    I apologize that you are having an issue with your machine. This sounds like an issue that you will need to talk to your local retailer about or call Handi Quilter technical solutions at 1-877-697-8458 M-F 8-5 MT.

    Best regards,

    Kristina Whitney

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • Pamela Drummond

    I've been on hold with the number above now for 49 minutes and 51 seconds. When I first went on hold it said there was one call ahead of me. This is a little frustrating.

    I'd call my dealer, but they are useless. Last time I had a problem, I gave it to them twice. They had it for a total of 6 weeks and never fixed the problem. They weren't even testing the machine because they didn't have a frame for it (Avante). I called HandiQuilter and the tech and I fixed the problem within 15 minutes and they sent me the part. Now I can't get hold of a tech.


    Pam Drummond

    Frustrated HandiQuilter Avante owner and Prostitch user.

  • tucanquilt

    I have had the same issue, two or three times now.  Half way through a e-2-e design, no error message, all resume/clear/stop buttons are NOT on the screen and the RUN button is greyed out.  I have had to shut everything down, reopen my workspace and by trial and error find out how to get back to where it left off.  Please advise.


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