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Pro Stitcher stopping in the middle of pantograph


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  • Kimberly Sandberg

    Dear Susan, 

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this problem.  In order to reposition, follow these instructions: 

    1. If a marking tool was used to save your start-point, move your machine so your needle is positioned where you want to start stitching.
      1. If the needle was dropped at the start point, you do not need to move machine.
      2. Open your Workspace  
      1. <Workspace>
      2. <Open>
        1. <Baseline>
    1. <Modify Tab>
      1. <Reposition>  
        1. <Start Point>
    1. This will position the start point of the design with your crosshairs.
    2. To change the row you will be starting on:
      1. <Pro-Stitcher>
      2. <New Start & End>
      3. Under Start on the right side of the screen use <Jump> arrows to move to the correct row.


    1. Move your crosshairs to the lowest point in the middle of the row already quilted and check alignment, using <Nudge> if needed.


    **Note** If you are leaning on the bars when looking at the design it can change the alignment of the quilt


    1. Move your crosshairs to the highest point of the row to be quilted and check for overlapping in the design.


    1. <Pro-Stitcher Tab>


    1. <Quilt>
    2. <Run>





    To Reposition your Start Point after a thread break:

    1. Press <Pause>
    2. <Pro-Stitcher> Tab
      1. <New Start & End>
      2. In the right Sidebar, under Start, touch <Auto> Twice
      3. Using the arrow at the top of the slide bar in the Start Column, move the green bullet back to where you want to start stitching again.
    3. <Resume>

    Best Regards, 

    Kim Sandberg

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator


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