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bobbin thread gets hung up when attempting to pull it up



  • Kimberly Sandberg

    Dear Jo Ann, 

    I am sorry to hear that you are having this issue.  To prevent the thread getting caught, try this tip:  when you are going to take the stitch to bring up your bobbin thread, move slightly to the side of where the last stitch was taken, not right on top of it.  This allows a tiny stitch between, keeping the thread from stitching into itself.  

    Best Regards, 

    Kim Sandberg

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • Connie Kelsey

    I'd love to hear another 'tip' about this issue. I have a Fusion and Infinity that I've been using for many years. About every 5 pull ups at the end of a pass, the bobbin thread kind of ties a knot around the upper thread and won't 'come up'. I do not plunge in the same place as suggested in your answer. Any more ideas? Thanks a bunch

  • mnevin

    When I start stitching the bobbin thread will sew 2 or 3 stitches and then quit. Right now i cannot get the bobbin thread to come to the top.  I have retreaded my Amara using different brands Of thread,  changed  the needLe and tried different sizes (it doesn’t like size 18), tried moving the needle to the left and right, checked to make sure the needle is in the right position and nothing seems to,help.  I talked to Jared at Mulqueens in Mesa and he suggested I contact you and see if you have any suggestions .  The monitor was replaced a couple or so ago but It still didn’t work so he ordered a mother board but when he went to install it and connected the cord it started to work.  It them worked fine until 2 days ago.  The only other thing I can  say is it started shredding the top thread.  The stitching is fine when it is working.  The only thing I haven’t checked is the timing about that is beyond my ability. Jared felt you may have something else I could try to get it to work.  It is frustrating as I have had a quilt loaded for the past 2 months and would like to finish it.

    Thank you for any help,you can give me.  

    Mary Lou Nevin


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