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Advancing the quilt doing edge to edge



  • Kimberly Sandberg

    Dear Bev and Elizabeth, 

    Thanks for your questions about quilting edge-to-edge designs with Pro-Stitcher.  Here is a link to a page that has all of our tutorials in PDF form for Pro-Stitcher Premium  The tutorial I recommend for you to follow is Edge-to-Edge with Drag and Drop.  

    Best Regards, 

    Kim Sandberg

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator

  • BEquilted

    Hi Kim

    Thank you so much for your prompt reply much appreciated.

    We will proceed with your recommendation and follow the edge-to-edge with Drag and Drop method.

    We have received minimal and confusing training.  For the first 6 weeks our cross hair would not go to the new start point or any start point when advancing or thread break etc. We were told different ways to do things which still did not work until we were then advised to do a software upgrade... yay this fixed the problem!!! Not sure why the machine did not have the April upgrade already installed when we purchased the machine in June?

    Basically we wasted 6 weeks  of conflicting information so are now starting from scratch and self teaching from the videos and help from friends.

    Our next challenge will be custom quilting which we are very excited about learning.

    Again thank you for your prompt response.

    Bev and Elizabeth

  • scs003

    I have tried this with limited success. I am not sure if my designs are too close to the outside range for the throat space but I have had a lot of difficulty. I check to be sure all appears fine, plenty of space and it says the design is outside the frame space!

    Very frustrated!


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