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HQ Sweet 16 lessons- Does anyone shop offer these ? My dealer didnt even have a Sweet 16 on display.



  • LieseP

    Hi, I live in a rural area and bought my Sweet Sixteen from a woman who had never really learned to use it.  I've had it about two years and am pretty much self taught.  I used online classes from AQS, Annie's and others to learn the basics, and then it's just a lot of practice.  I just wanted to say that I did reach out to HQ headquarters and was referred to a dealer for help.  While the dealer isn't particularly close to me (like 250 miles away), they did have classes for Sweet Sixteen help and also offered to spend a day with me (for a fee, but a reasonable one) if I wanted to come up there and learn.  You might try contacting the headquarters directly.  I understand how you feel about not seeing Sweet Sixteen users as potential upgraders for their larger machines!  Good luck!

  • SuzanneB

    I have had my Sweet 16 since 2016, and I was able to test drive it at a quilt show.  There was a quilt shop selling HQ there.  I found it easy, and we ordered one.  My husband also quilts.  I can tell you we set it up, and it basically sat there for 8-10 months,  U was intimidated.  The dealer showed us the various functions, but it was by watching the HQ You Tube tutorials that I got my courage to get it going.  There has been no looking back.  I really enjoy the stability of rulers and FMQ, although we don't have the stitch regulator, stitch length consistency has improved over the years.

    I would bookmark these tutorials, and also on FaceBook, there are Handiquilter Sweet 16 groups -- either show their quilts, or to offer help with tips.  Since you are in Hamilton, Ont, you might check out the local shop in Belleville that sells HQ.  They do offer some training or courses.   My advice, just do it.  The more you do it, your confidence will improve and quilts will look great

    Good luck -- now our new adventure begins as we just purchased an Amara with Pro-Stitcher.  Now there's a learning curve.  

  • Catherine Rose

    I bought an HQ Capri in May. I also wished there were some classes.  My dealer’s sales person offered to come to my house to help me with threading, tension, etc.  I was able to do all that myself with the videos from Handiquilter. Due to COVID19, I was not comfortable with her coming to my house.  Would love to have a local group or a class for FMQ or ruler work.  So far I have joined Natalia Bonners classes.  She is amazing and I have learned a lot from her videos.  I have had many days where I have had buyers remorse.  I had no idea this would be so hard.  I am hanging in there with practice, practice and more practice.


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