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Thread nests on back of my quilt


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  • Cheryl Duncan


    When you are seeing bird's on the back of your quilt it is usually because the thread is not flossed between the tension disks.  When your thread breaks and you re-thread your machine make sure your thread is still flossed.  If you are using a slippery thread it may be coming out of the tension disks as you are quilting.  If this is the case you can wrap your thread around the tension disks 1.5 times.  Wrap it like you would normally then go all the way around again.  This time around you will catch the spring.

    When you thread is breaking this much you may have your tension too tight on both the top and bobbin.  Loosen both tensions slightly.  Set your bobbin tension first, once it is set correctly then your adjustments will be on the top tension.

    If you need further assistance please call our Education department at 1-877-697-8458, M-F, 8-5 MDT.  We would love to help you.


    Best regards,

    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator


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