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Prostitcher shutdown



  • Pamela Rudduck

    I too have had ProStitcher Premium doing this.  It seems that if the program is idle for periods of time, it starts doing unexpected things.  Or if it's been on all day by the evening it does this.  Unplanned shutdowns where it's the only choice.  It must close.  I'm thinking it's a memory problem with the program or computer.  The undo function remembers only so much and then it won't work either.  Cache problem or need to empty?  Please let us know what you think there at Handi Quilter.  Thank you.

  • snahrgang

    I am having this problem too. Was there a solution to this

  • youdebug

    I am having this problem too. Is there a new update to fix this?

  • youdebug

    Or is it because I am using an E2E pattern.


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