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  • Cheryl Duncan


    Make sure you have oiled the hook area in the correct place. You should be oiling on the little lip of the hook.  Check and make sure your needle is all the way up in the needle bar.  Then check you Check and see if you have any marks on the hook area or the bobbin case from the needle hitting there.  Carefully turn the handwheel until the needle is in the lowest position then look under in the hook area and see if you can see it hitting the bobbin case or the hook.

    If you can't see any markings or it doesn't look like the needle is hitting any where and your stitches are good it may be that it is just louder as it comes towards you. 

    If you need to have it checked please contact your local retailer.


    Best regards,


    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator




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