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Motor error and needle not stitching



  • marcyhellman7

    I have a similar issue with my Avante.  I can tell when it will happen because it makes a different sound and speeds up. I press pause and I cannot get it to stitch after that. It air stitches and the only way I can keep going is to turn off the machine and pull out the plug in back then restart the machine. At least this way I don't have to restart the software.  Yesterday it took me seven hours to finish a quilt that should have taken less than three hours.  I am very frustrated. I don't use free motion so I don't know if it will do it without the software.

  • Anne Arrowood

    Was there ever a response to this issue from support? I am having the same experience. 

  • Elsie Saar

    My Avante is having the same issue.  It had this issue in the summer of 2017.  I had to send the whole thing to Utah where they replaced the C pod and all was fine.  I have quilted several quilts since then and wanted to quilt tonight.  It only air stitches.  I updated the Pro Stitcher with the new update dated 4/17 and it did not help.  So I clicked on the Opti-Stitch to see if it would help and now the Pro Stitcher moves at a snail's pace.  I unclicked that but it did not return to normal moving speed.  I tested all the connections.  The Avante operates in manual mode but not in Pro Stitcher mode.  I have three quilts waiting to be quilted, I need helpI  I hope that I do not have to send it back to Utah after such a short time!


  • PatsyMoody

    I have an HQ 16 and I keep getting a motor notification error for the Prostitcher. I have checked all of the connections and my Pro Stitcher will not engage. I also noticed that the needle goes in the down position on its own.

    I have two new encoders and it still wont engage.

    Please help

    Thank you



  • Laura McHugh

    Just got ProStitcher for my HQ Simply Sixteen. I installed it all myself, carefully. Was so excited to start it up, but then the software couldn't find the motors. So bummed. Hoping HQ can help me troubleshoot via phone tomorrow.


  • Dave Macke


    I have Pro Stitcher on my Avante HQ. I have the same problem as some of the above where after I pause the program, it will not stitch again unless I shut it down and restart. I would think that after 2 years they would have figured this out.


  • SandyMorton

    I have an Avante and added a prostitcher.  I am having the same issue and it is 2022!


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