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  • Cheryl Duncan


    You can make your Studio Frame 8 feet.  However, this is not something that you can go back and forth with easily.  You will take out one section of the table and track support.  You will have to cut the black  plastic track.  If you ever want to go back to the 12 foot table you will need to purchase new black plastic track because you do not want a "bump" where the two pieces join together. 

    You can find the User Manual on the Studio table and frame on, under Resources.  I have included the link for you to copy and paste.


    Best regards,


    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator



  • BridgetAB

    I just purchased a used 12' and reset it up as an 8'.  The size is perfect for me, at least for now.  It really wasn't that hard, just takes a little time.  As others commented, you only need two table top section -- so take out the middle section.  I recommend cutting the black plastic section at the end (and not in the middle where you could get a bump).  That requires you to take off the entire length of the silver track (both front and back side) to access the black track.  My husband used a small hand saw to cut it...simple.  Anyway, when setting up, we also didn't include all four legs -- only 3.  The poles will need to be resized -- just take out the middle pole section.  Finally, you will need to cut down all 3 canvas leaders. I cut mine and serged (or zig-zag).  Good luck!!    

  • Connie Fields

    I have just upgraded to the Studio 2 frame and have set it up at 8 feet. Can you tell me how wide I should cut each canvas leader to? Should it be 6” from each end, making a 7 ft leader for an 8 ft frame? I just want to make sure BEFORE I cut!! Thanks in advance 😁


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