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avante very random skipped stitches


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  • Cheryl Duncan


    I am sorry that you are having issues with your HQ Avante skipping stitches.  When you have the skipped stitches can you see a needle hole where the needle pierced the fabric or does it just skip.  If it just skips then check your encoders and make sure they are in complete contact with the track.  

    If you can see where the needle pierced pierced the fabric you may have a timing issue.  Have you had a needle break or a thread jam?  Something like this can cause a timing issue.


    The wheel that is not touching the track will not cause this problem.  Not all of the wheels need to touch the track at the same time.


    Please feel free to call our Education Department and we would love to help you solve your issue.


    Best regards,


    Cheryl Duncan

    Handi Quilter Studio Educator


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