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Long Stitches (Stitch Regulation Failure)


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  • Joy Crossno

    My machine is experiencing long stitches on the x-axis encoder.  My x axis encoder had to be replaced the week after I received my new pro-Stitcher Amara as it was not working. September 2022.   It has worked pretty good for the last few months. Now I am getting long stitches again. I can’t get anything quilted. It takes forever to tear out the stitches out and start over. The design Of the machine with all the cords on the back of the machine all coming together and banging up against each other is really ridiculous. I don’t understand why your engineering department hasn’t come up with a better solution. Are you working on this problem? I would like to understand better why such an expensive machine has such a failure with cord logistics.  Do you have any temporary fixes until these machines can get some kind of new design?  Your trouble shooting page only helps identify the problem…it doesn't give suggestions for correction.   It is not my store technicians’ fault if your product is defective.  I should not have to be replacing encoder parts all the time either.  I just really want to know if others are having these same issues and if there is something being done to correct the problem.


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