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How do I upgrade to Pro-Stitcher Premium?



  • Marilyn Payne

    The "tutorial" for updating indicates the executable for the installation should be downloaded and run.  However, my zip file includes 2 executables.  One is called the "preinstall" and one is the update.  Do I run the preinstall first and then the update?  This was put out there in 2019.  It's now August 2020 and is still vague and unhelpful.

  • Pamela Rudduck

    I have tried to download the BETA Pro Stitcher at least 5 times.  The last time I hardwired my computer to the internet to bypass any wifi problems.  When I tried to open the zip file finally downloaded, I was told by WinZip and Windows unzip programs that the file was empty.  Please give me instructions for this problem with the "download" Beta page.  Thank you.



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