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  • Margaret Abramshe

    I wanted to attend a boot camp or workshop that focuses on improving skills using the HQ Sweet sixteen, but I I see is instruction on the long arm machines. Will this be offered in the future?


  • Webmaster

    There is a Sweet Sixteen Boot Camp offered at HQ Academy.

  • Michael Elinski


    How is one supposed to keep the quilted quilt rolled up square and neatly on the small 5-foot frame with the Simply Sixteen?  How did HQ envision that the Quilter would use this simplified two bar system?  I’ve found the experience to be frustrating?  Would leaders help?

    Also, my Groovy Boards tend to shift as I use the stylus to stitch out a design.  How do you suggest stabilizing the Groovy Boards?  Now, I’m using books, sturdy catalogues, and wood blocks.  There must be a better way. The videos I’ve watched by your educators show using a few strips of painters tape.  That system doesn’t hold them still.  Please guide me with this problem.

    Additionally, the tip on the stylus for the Groovy Board is not sturdy.  Mine cracked off after 5 hours of quilting.  I wonder why you would not use a metal stylus.

    I would greatly appreciate any assistance with these issues with my Simply Sixteen.  So far, i am disappointed.  Tension is the least of my problems. I have issues with craftsmanship and design of the accessories to the machine.

    Thank you for your help,


  • Webmaster

    Mike, I have converted this comment into a support request and our Technical Solutions team will be in touch shortly. Thanks!

  • debbie frio

    Hi Michael,


    I use duct tape to attach my groovy boards and it works well.  I noticed mine were slipping at first and turned one over and noticed that there were extra rings taped to the back and they were causing slippage due to the fact that they raised the board enough that the friction stuff on the back wasn't connecting with the table. I hope this helps in the meantime. :-)

  • Nancy Agler

    Is there somewhere online that I can download pictures of the designs on the prostitcher premium?  I would like to have a paper file of the available designs.


  • Jennie Ferrell

    I love my Simply Sixteen with groovy boards and free-motion designs.  All of my smaller quilts go to Children's Services in our county for foster children going through the system.  Each child is given a quilt upon entry that they can keep forever.  I want to do a sturdy edge-to-edge design on these quilts.  I saw a large edge to edge machine that was way above my budget, but I believe I can emulate these designs in a professional manner with my groovy boards and Little Foot if I can make them dense enough.  Are there secrets for edge-to-edge results with groovy boards?  I would go to a class here in Oregon if I could find one, just for this purpose.  Are there some groovy board designs just for edge-to-edge?  If I could afford a Pro-Stitcher I would have one by now!!

  • Glenn Lockwood Sr

    Jennie, you can have a professional looking quilt with your Simply Sixteen just like the bigger machines. You need at least two of the same groovy boards.  They are placed together on your table and you quilt to the start of the second board, stop and move the first board to the other side of the second.  Repeat these moves until you have quilted from one edge to the other. Now if you can afford to purchase multiple boards then you wouldn't have to move any of them.  Most boards are less that two feet long.  They come in edge to edge, block and border.  Handi Quilter has groovy boards as well as Urban Elements.  I use groovy boards exclusively on my 10ft studio frame with a Simply Sixteen.  The only difference between the Sixteen and a bigger machine is the width of the throat, which of course limits the width of a pattern you can do.  By the way, all machines can make edge to edge patterns on a quilt. Also, you may want to think about a studio frame which can be set up from either eight ft or ten ft.  Hope this helps you.  The Sixteen is a great little machine and can make your quilts look professional.

  • Laura Nunn

    I would like a cobweb design to quilt on a 54" x 69" quilt that has bats all over a white background. How can I find out if I can either locate the design in Prostitcher Premium that I have on my recently-purchased Amara or where I can go look for one to buy if there's not one in Prostitcher?

  • Nancy Hughes

    At the summer university program, we heard a new pro-stitcher update would be out in the fall. Any idea when it may be available?

  • Ann Donze

    Hi! My HandiQuilter Sweet Sixteen is about 4 years old It has worked well for me until recently, when I began having trouble with the pedal. I use it with the stitch regulator. When I examined the cord, it looked like it had frayed and then broken at the point where the cord joins the 9 pin plug (that plugs into the stitch regulator). Can you tell me whether this is a common problem and also whether the cord can be repaired?
    Ann Donze

  • chay23

    Today I set up my Simply Sixteen on a Little Foot frame. Hoping for some troubleshooting advice. The machine carriage is not sitting right on the tracks. It goes sideways fine but when I move the machine toward me the back rollers come up off the track and when I move the machine toward the back the front rollers come off the track. Aren’t all 4 rollers supposed to always be touching the table tracks? The table is level front to back and side to side. I have also installed the electromagnetic channel locks.

  • Monica Meyer

    Good Morning! Have an Amara (purchased April 2020) Just noticed when I wanted to change out my bobbin this AM that the light in the bobbin case area is no longer on.  Is a quick fix available?  Didn´t notice anything loose or hanging when checking the area with a flashlight - have only used canned air to clean this area.

  • Nancy Hughes

    My Amara had the same problem.  There is a wire on the left hand side that sometimes comes loose from the connection. Just push it back into the connector and the light is back on.

  • Janet Schuett

    how do you use prewound bobbins?

  • AnneLeon

    Do i offer discounts on PS Designers to businesses that are not HQ retailers ?


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